Army veterans were at risk to asbestos exposure while serving duty fighting for our country. As numerous Navy veterans spent their tour of duty on ships that contained several tons of asbestos insulation in the engine room, along the miles of pipe aboard ship and in the walls and doors, many Army veterans experienced asbestos exposure while being transported on Navy ships. Further risk of exposure for Army veterans came as a result of their stay in Army military housing and at base facilities, or working on or around army cars and trucks.

Where Army veterans were exposed to asbestos

Types of military ships containing asbestos included:

  • amphibious assault ships
  • destroyers
  • battleships
  • carriers
  • cruisers
  • frigates
  • patrol boats

Military areas containing asbestos included:

  • headquarters buildings
  • technical buildings
  • vehicle sheds
  • parking lots
  • rifle ranges
  • parade grounds
  • administrative buildings

Housing areas containing asbestos included:

  • family housing
  • recreational grounds
  • exchange
  • gas stations
  • establishments for public life

Army facility products containing asbestos

Hundreds of army installations contained asbestos flooring, flooring tiles, ceiling tiles, wall insulation, asbestos cement in building foundations and other base structures. Asbestos was also left in thousands of military vehicles in the form of brakes, gaskets and insulation.

Army veteran legal rights

Although Army veterans cannot file a lawsuit against the government for damages incurred during service in the Armed Forces, there is an opportunity to file an asbestos lawsuit against the companies that manufactured or installed the asbestos products which caused eventual development of asbestosis, asbestos lung cancer or mesothelioma.

Asbestos victims have filed hundreds of thousands of lawsuits against asbestos companies for product liability compensation. Army veterans are entitled to take legal action and have a good chance of prevailing.

If you are an Army veteran and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be eligible to receive compensation. If you want to talk to an asbestos attorney about the nature of asbestos legal action, please contact us today.