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Cancer Patients Swallowing Dysfunction: What You Can Do

Cancer patients swallowing dysfunction also known as dysphagia is often associated with mesothelioma. It can be a symptom of mesothelioma itself, especially in pleural mesothelioma. Cancer patients swallowing dysfunction can also be a side effect from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Help Managing Cancer Patients Swallowing Dysfunction To help manage cancer patients swallowing dysfunction, it is […]

Progression-Free Mesothelioma Survival Study Recruiting Patients

Progression-free mesothelioma survival – living with the disease without it becoming worse – remains an elusive goal but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible goal. Top scientific researchers all over the world continue to work towards finding a way to promise progression-free mesothelioma but it remains a matter of experimental trial and error. Clinical […]

Mesothelioma Expert Questions Mesothelioma Surgery

Mesothelioma surgery remains one of the few treatment options open to mesothelioma patients at present. The possibility of mesothelioma surgery may offer hope for a longer life and hope is in itself important. So it is with great reluctance that I report to you on the opinion of a mesothelioma expert who questions having mesothelioma […]

Early Mesothelioma Diagnosis A Possibility

Early diagnosis for mesothelioma when the lethal disease may still be curable could become a reality in the next few years by further development of a device that can “sniff” lung cancer. The diagnostic device, an Israeli invention, uses nano technology to detect the presence of even early stage lung cancer in exhaled breath. The […]

Sun Safety Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

For mesothelioma patients, warmer weather and sunshine can bring much cherished time outdoors. Whether a picnic or barbecue with family and friends or just a chance to sit in a garden or park, it is a time to enjoy the contentment of being surrounded by nature. But mesothelioma patients need to take extra precautions when […]

7 Steps to Take Before Your Mesothelioma Surgery

Mesothelioma surgery, whether involving partial removal  or (pleurectomy decortication) entire removal of the affected lining (pleurectomy decortication)  of the lungs, remains one of the current treatment options for mesothelioma. That means coping with a hospital stay for mesothelioma patients – and their families. Recovering from mesothelioma surgery doesn’t make it any easier to decipher what’s […]

Nail Care Tips for Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

For most mesothelioma patients, chemotherapy is going to be in the picture. Just as chemotherapy affects your hair because of the rapidly dividing hair follicle cells, chemotherapy side effects also changes your nails. Frequently, mesothelioma patients may have to cope with chemotherapy side effects such as brittle nails or nail loss while undergoing chemotherapy. So […]