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What Are Your Mesothelioma Patient Rights?

When you received your mesothelioma diagnosis, you may have felt very powerless. This is a fearsome disease. You are not completely at its mercy, however. You can sue the negligent corporation or corporations that exposed you to asbestos. In your medical care, you have the right to expect a certain level of treatment and care. […]

How to Start an Asbestos Lawsuit

If you are thinking about starting an asbestos lawsuit, please let me encourage you to stop thinking about it and act. An asbestos lawsuit can take a long time to wind its way through the court system. Time is of the Essence in an Asbestos Lawsuit Mesothelioma, a relentless cancer caused by asbestos exposure, is […]

Mesothelioma Lawsuits and Medical Ethics

Medical research has discovered that some people have a predisposition to mesothelioma due to their genetics. Attorneys hired by companies who are sued in mesothelioma lawsuits try to use this information as a defense. Kazan Law mesothelioma attorney Irena Kin who represents victims of mesothelioma discusses the importance for medical professionals hired by defense attorneys […]